• The B Signature Hotels & Resorts spirit

    B Signature Hotels & Resorts is a young, dynamic and enthusiastic hotel group. We are guided by a vision of luxury and perfection that is both relaxed and demanding. A vision tailored to a new generation of guests, different to the clientele of traditional palaces.

    Whether your preference is sport or nature, theatre or cinema, shopping or museums, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, our hotels are designed for you. In tune with the modern age, each of our hotels is defined by its own original and distinctive personality.

    Welcome to B Signature Hotels & Resorts !

    Anne Jousse - CEO

Hotel Vernet The spirit of the Champs Elysées in Paris

  • A classic with a modern twist

    A pure “Haussman” style Parisian building, bearing witness to centuries of change, an ideal location close to Paris ‘Golden Triangle’ and the Place de l’Etoile - the Hotel Vernet is a great institution in the 8th arrondissement of the French capital. A tribute to French elegance and craftsmanship, the interior design by François Champsaur instantly sets it apart.

    From the moment you step through the doors, fine materials transport you to a world of luxury, while the colours and clean lines of the furnishings and works of art add a very up-to-the-minute lightness and sophistication.

  • The place to be... Fine

    The light and shimmering decor of the bar sets a scene that is both intimate and light, like the sparkling bubbles of a fine champagne. A fresco on the ceiling, painted by Jean-Michel Alberola, adds an elegant touch as well as an element of surprise.

    This is by no means a typical hotel bar. That is clear from the start. It is a place in which people meet and mingle, in an atmosphere ranging from hushed to hypnotic, sedate to vibrant, depending on the mood of the moment. One bar, with many faces. In short, a place that surprises and attracts a Parisian and international clientele.

  • The “V”: at the heart of the French capital

    Under an imposing glass dome designed by Gustave Eiffel, the Hotel Vernet’s restaurant is a temple of sensory pleasure. You could almost imagine yourself in a collector’s private home, with works by contemporary artists displayed here and there on the walls. In a quieter and more intimate setting, the salon Blanc is an ideal setting for private parties of around ten guests.

    The menus are all about simplicity and perfectly executed flavours. A difficult balance to achieve. Surprising, amazing and astonishing the taste buds with inventive combinations of exquisite flavours, reviving childhood memories with forgotten recipes, creating a menu that reads like a culinary travel journal.

  • Peace, comfort and cosy intimacy

    The traditional “Haussman” style building gives the bedrooms of the Hotel Vernet impressively high ceilings. The emphasis is on comfort and discreet luxury, encouraging a sensation of well-being and cosy intimacy. Wood is very much in evidence, with a parquet floor and an oak wall. The interior décor creates a feeling of soothing warmth, a million miles and yet so close to the vibrant Parisian streets.

    The atmosphere extends to the bathrooms, elegant oases with Carrara marble sinks and glass mosaics. Careful use of space, perfect proportions and stylish fittings...every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure the most peaceful and luxurious of experiences.

Hotel De Sers The spirit of the Champs Elysées in Paris

  • A 5-star baby palace

    Back in 1880, the splendours of the Second Empire were making way for the glory days of the Belle Époque. The Marquis de Sers, an officer, politician, and above all a man of the world, drew inspiration from these two influences to design his residence close to the Champs Élysées. Over the years, while always retaining its original spirit, the building has undergone various modifications and expansions in response to changing needs linked to the evolution of the surrounding district and the expectations of the hotel’s clientele.

    Today, the hotel is a flamboyant symbol of classic French style, seamlessly incorporating modern-day technology and services.

  • A stylish spirit

    Take space and light, glass and marble, cosy atmosphere and trendy interior design, discerning Parisians and international travellers. Shake them all up, and the result is the S’bar.

    The restaurant’s mirror effects continue the theme, intriguing the eyes and enchanting the heart. The patio too, sheltered in winter and open to the skies in summer, is a haven of peace, far from the bustling city streets. Take the opportunity to sample a beautifully presented platter of three caviars, complemented by a glass of vintage champagne and carefully selected accompaniments.

  • Fine dining

    The Chef, passionate and creative, proposes a cuisine based on seasonal biological products carefully chosen directly from French producers.

    This exposure to gastronomic cultures has resulted in extremely creative cuisine. It is a skillful blend of tradition and modernity, with dishes such as white asparagus, lemon mousseline with smoked albacore, or roasted Saint-Guénolé langoustines, quinoa tabbouleh, peppermint or chilled pea soup with lemongrass. Under his management, the restaurant of the Hotel de Sers, with its very imaginative contemporary design, has become one of the trendiest fine dining establishments of the Champs Élysées.

  • Elegant design

    The rooms and suites of the Hotel de Sers are in perfect harmony with the style of the hotel. Classic elegance meets modern high-tech equipment. In each room, 17th and 19th century paintings recall the building’s rich history.

    As well as the two panoramic suites, with a magnificent terrace area from which guests can enjoy an amazing view of Paris, an apartment (80m2) offers a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, with all the pleasures of the French capital on the doorstep.

Hotel Bel Ami The spirit of Saint-Germain in Paris

  • A district at the very heart of Paris

    “J’habite à Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Et chaque soir j’ai rendez-vous avec Verlaine” (I live in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. And every evening, I meet up with Verlaine), sings Léo Ferré. The same can be said for the Hotel Bel Ami, situated in Rue Saint-Benoît, still haunted by the echoes of Sartre’s words and Vian’s trumpet. The hotel occupies the site of a 19th century printing works. The very same printing works that published “Bel-Ami”, the novel by Guy de Maupassant.

    In a sophisticated, happy and welcoming atmosphere, the hotel reveals its many facets. A destination for beauty and well-being for some, literature and music for others, the Hotel Bel Ami's gentle, elegant and daring spirit reflects the very soul of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

  • Take time out in the B.A. Bar

    The Bel Ami Bar’s relaxed and convivial atmosphere has made it a popular meeting place for Parisians, with a reputation spread through word of mouth. More than simply a bar, it is an institution. After work or a show, free spirits from the district and further afield can often be found putting the world to rights, at times making or breaking reputations in the process.

    Every evening, the Bel Ami Bar mixes up a virtuoso selection of cocktails, from the traditional to the dazzlingly original. Once a month, a literary evening sparks debate and imagination. Another of the many faces of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

  • A brunch that is worth the trip

    A space wrapped in bright colours like a sweet, shimmering in the natural light flooding through the bay window. Below a huge suspended feature paying tribute to culinary pleasures, books talk of art while video screens beam out images of Paris.

    The Bel Ami Café stimulates all sensations and whets every appetite. The café has become a favourite Saint-Germain weekend meeting place. Its Organic brunch boosts energy levels and lifts mood, ideal preparation for more shopping or strolling. Sweet delights are all made on the premises, with fruits and vegetables pressed to order. Vitamins are an added bonus.

  • Design and Parisian elegance

    The Bel Ami’s rooms intelligently and subtly recall the district’s artistic and intellectual influences. As well as its non-conformist element – with interior design interspersed with eclectic, unexpected or reinvented items, bathed in soft and carefully positioned lighting.

    Definite luxury, understated elegance and discreet comfort are conveyed by enchanting lines, colours and materials. Resulting in special areas in which you quickly feel at home, ambassadors of good taste and design.

    Interior designers have given each room its own individual style. All filled with the same sense of peace - timeless settings on the cusp of past and future. At the very heart of the city, the Hotel Bel Ami is a dream port of call for any traveller.

  • Time for relaxation and well-being

    Institut Carita has selected the Bel Ami as the location for its first well-being area.

    Its sense of peace, softness and sensuality has imperceptibly pervaded the entire hotel. Today, it is an essential addition, offering facial and body treatments for both men and women. As well as Spa-style relaxation treatments. Carita, a partner to health, beauty and well-being professionals, is a high-tech brand that has earned a reputation for its demanding standards and strong focus on aesthetics.

    This quest for excellence reflects the spirit of the Bel Ami.

Hotel Montalembert The Left Bank spirit in Paris

  • The Left Bank spirit

    Built in 1926, the Hotel Montalembert is located in the vibrant heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris, close to famous attractions including the Louvre Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, Les Invalides, the Grand Palais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés church and Saint-Sulpice church, just a short stroll from the famous Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots.

    The first 5-star hotel on the Left Bank, the Montalembert both reflects and shapes the character of this quintessentially Parisian district. Its understated luxury and cosy intimacy bring to mind the French nobility who made this area their home. It is imbued with the influence of the avant-garde free-thinkers of the post-war years. Outside the hotel, a dream vision of Paris unfolds, in a street lined with art galleries, antique dealers, interior design stores and designer fashion boutiques.

  • A very Parisian atmosphere

    Behind a very elegant and tastefully sophisticated exterior, the Montalembert perpetuates the literary heritage of the district. At the heart of the hotel's philosophy is very individual attention to each of its guests.

    For its ninetieth birthday, the Montalembert has treated itself to a gentle and full renovation : change of decor but keep its spirit

  • For sensual pleasure

    As well as nurturing the mind with intellectual influences, the Montalembert places equal emphasis on physical sustenance. At the helm, is the talented David Maroleau, a chef whose culinary creations reflect his great passion for detail. A changing and varied menu revolves around four main themes: Terre, Mer, Soleil et Végétal (Earth, Sea, Sun and Plant), available in "tasting" or "gourmet" versions depending on your appetite.

    The creative cuisine, including inspired twists on Asian flavours and fragrances, is complemented by a tempting wine list, bold décor and a very Parisian atmosphere. Featuring a fireplace, a library, an outdoor courtyard and private lounges, the Montalembert's restaurant caters to every taste and has earned a reputation as an important fine dining establishment in the French capital.

  • Stylish atmospheres

    The rooms allude to a revisited Haussmann style. The decorator wanted to insist on homely aspects by positioning the furniture in an original way, with the elements set up in a manner reflecting an elegant and chic interior. The furniture is designed by Pascal Allaman: the chairs, the desk, the armchairs and these lovely folding screens used as the head of the beds.

    On the 7 th and 8 th floors, the suites offer a spectacular view of the capital. Before your eyes, the Eiffel Tower, the bell tower of the nearby St. Thomas of Aquinas church... Mansard-roofed, the 8th floor suites include a flowered balcony. And all offer bathrooms with a bathtub in the center to admire the rooftops of Paris through the window from the bath.

Hotel Edouard 7 The spirit of Haute Couture in Paris

  • A dandy hotel where fashion reigns supreme

    The Prince of Wales in Paris, Edward VII was fascinated by the ‘City of Light'. Renowned for his great zest for life, the aristocrat was the epitome of sophistication - a fashionable figure, a dandy. Located avenue de l'Opéra, the Hotel Edouard 7 pays him a well-deserved tribute.

    Just like him, the Hotel Edouard 7 dresses with audacity, seduction, character and even theatricality.

    The hotel’s recent renovation was based on a unique conceptual approach. Rich fabrics and flamboyant colours have come together to create a true work of 'haute couture’. While exercising a contemporary appeal, the hotel welcomes guests into its very heart, confiding whispered secrets.

  • A district infused with the spirit of Opera

    The hotel Edouard 7 is situated on Avenue de l’Opéra, a very prestigious location steeped in the history and luxury of the second half of the 19th century.

    The interior designers’ inspiration for the hotel's new look was the most French of British monarchs: Edward VII, a very elegant man who captured many hearts.

  • Four gastronomic hands

    The Hotel Edouard 7’s distinctive symphony of styles and colours is fittingly complemented by an outstanding dining repertoire.

    At the piano, chef Rémy Fourmeaux, assisted by his under-chef, gives a virtuoso performance. Demonstrating both talent and daring, his creations blend tradition with innovation. “Light and inventive cooking, focusing on the product and its identity,” he explains.

    Meat and fish are sourced exclusively from local producers, while fruit and vegetables are derived from organic farming.

  • A gentle pace of life

    Housed in a ‘Haussman’ style building, the Hotel Edouard 7 hides 69 bedrooms and suites. Like a fairy tale ballet, the Couture rooms take on different forms and colours. They offer five distinctive atmospheres, with themes continuing from bedroom to bathroom.

    The “Edouard VII” rooms are decorated in the colours of the jewels in the jewellery stores of the Place Vendome, from sapphire to ruby, each floor pays tribute to a precious stone. On the top floor, guests can enjoy a view extending from Montmartre to the Louvre. The suites are named in honour of the King’s favourite Parisian ladies: Sarah, Lily, Melba, Alexandra, Alice...

Domaine de la Bretesche The spirit of Brittany

  • A haven of peace with a historic past

    This is where it all began. Located in Missillac, in the Loire-Atlantique area of France, situated at the heart of a 200 hectare park the Domaine de La Bretesche has retained its original 15th century charm. On its stone walls, shadows and flickering light inspire dreams.

    This swashbuckling setting is a prestigious hotel, a famous golf course and a contemporary SPA. Moreover, the hotel is a member of the famous Relais & Châteaux chain.

    Today, the first member of the B Signature group is a haven of peace close to the town of La Baule and the beaches of Morbihan and the marshland of la Brière.

  • Sensory pleasure

    The bar brings to mind the gentle charm of a British club. Housed in the former stable building, it serves its aged whiskies and fine champagnes in wooden stalls bearing the patina of time. The gastronomic restaurant occupies the site of the former carriage house, offering diners a view of the castle and lake.

    This is the domain of the talented chef. From fish to game, and an imaginative selection of vegetables, his menu revolves around healthy and seasonal produce.

    The wine cellar offers diners the finest French vintages to ideally complement the dishes. As for the brasserie, this is a place of shifting atmospheres.

  • Luxury, peace and pleasure

    The Domaine de La Bretesche has thirty bedrooms and one suite, all offering the same cosy and reassuring blend of luxury. The accommodation is located in the former outbuildings of the estate.

    Each room has its own distinctive personality. From crenelated turrets to hundred-year old lime trees, the view never fails to appeal.

    Guests can also choose to stay in one of five split-level villas. Each villa has one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, terrace, living-dining room and a small kitchen. An independent living arrangement that by no means deprives guests of the hotel's services. Quite the reverse.

  • Time out, just for you

    At the heart of a stronghold built over five hundred years ago, in an atmosphere of absolute peace, the Cour Carrée Spa occupies a setting steeped in history. Decorated in natural materials such as stone, slate, wood and pebbles, the atmosphere is one of minimalist luxury. Intense colours enhance the overall effect.

    This very contemporary area features a heated indoor swimming pool, an infrared sauna and a cosy cocoon devoted to sensory pleasure. It is also equipped with water treatment areas and rooms for body treatments, where the expert hands of the skilled team create a sensation of well-being, purity and relaxation.

  • Golf, tennis and other sports

    Regarded, and rightly so, as one of the most beautiful golf courses in France, this 18-hole championship course designed by Henri Cotton (par 72, 6015 m) attracts players from all over the world. Lined with oak trees, pines, white birches and red willows, decorated with rose bushes, hydrangea and rhododendrons, each hole poses a different challenge. As inspiration for a legendary drive, number 9 provides a breath-taking view of the castle.

    Cottages located in the forest also await golfers, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts eager to enjoy the wide selection of activities available on the estate: golf, tennis, swimming pool, running, mountain biking, gym... And in the surrounding area: horse riding, activities on and by the sea, quad biking, etc.

St. Barth - French west indies


Welcome to your new home

  • Welcome at Manapany Hotel

    Barely 24 km2, this tiny island is lost in the farthest north-east reaches of the Caribbean Sea.

    It owes its name to Christopher Columbus - and its reputation to David Rockefeller.

    With a mountainous inland and craggy coastline, St Barth is teeming with colorful doll-sized houses, white sand coves, sheltered moorings.

    Welcome in its turquoise waters, its orchid-wreathed gardens, its blazing bougainvillea footpaths.

  • Home, sweet home

    Set in the fine sand or perched on the hillside, the villas exist halfway between land and sea.
    Manapany's architecture (with its 32 villas) exudes the spirit of these islands. The same is true of the decor, reflecting both a sense of open space and introspection. There is a regard for gentle tendencies and natural materials, the tropical wood too.

    Its dark veining covers the elegant furnishings, reflecting modernity while hinting at sweet reminiscences. The partitions and ceilings are bright like the Creole madras and embroideries. They play with every color of the rainbow, from pepper red to turmeric yellow, from mint green to ultramarine blue.
    Mexican women weaved the bright cotton wall hangings and cushions for this exceptional place. Here, singular drawings dance across the walls.

  • Bar et restaurant

    Manapany is embedded in the island's culture, often cosmopolitan, sometimes reminiscent of Brittany.
    Always loquacious, it reveals its secrets, one by one. We savor them in little sips, like chilled champagne or a well-aged dark rum. Prepared in a dream-shaker, its cocktails combine local colors and flavors.

    The cuisine also combines the best ingredients that the island has to offer.
    Seafood, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown right here in the domain... Brimful of complex aromas, subtly cooked with fresh spices, the food in our plates remains simple and genuine.
    In a land of rum, the sweeter pleasures are no less important. The island's brown nectar fills baba pastries, flavors the gâteau nantais, and brings a new spin on the crêpe suzette.

  • Wellness and spa

    The Manapany Spa blends into its light-filled surroundings. Looking out over the sea at sailboats cutting through the surf, we giddily surrender to our massage.

    Here, the line between reality and the eternity of dreams is blurred, and our body and mind revels in it. Both congenial and refined, Manapany has perfected the art of serenity.